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Looking For A Career Change? Take Travel And Tourism Course Online

A career in the travel and tourism industry may be the right option for you. Get on the fast track to success by taking travel and tourism courses online at The Bill Healy Travel & Tourism College. The school has been offering training in the glamorous travel industry for over 30 years and has built a strong reputation for success. Graduates of the college find employment quickly working for airlines, airports, travel companies, and more. Employers recognise The Bill Healy Travel & Tourism College and know that a graduate possesses the skills necessary to have a successful career in the industry.



How It All Started

In the early 1970s, Bill Healy worked as an Airlines Manager for Malaysia Airlines in Australia. Maree Healy worked for a spell at British Airways. It is fair to say that travel was always in their blood. In 1978, the college was established to give interested students the knowledge they need to take advantage of a wide variety of employment opportunities in the travel industry. Graduates of the college have found jobs as travel consultants, airline representatives, and more. Working in tourism and travel requires a broad knowledge of hotels, airlines, cruise lines, car rental companies, to name just a few areas of expertise. The Bill Healy College provides well-rounded training for its students.

Taking Online Courses in Tourism At The Bill Healy College

Students who yearn for a life in the tourism and travel industry, can enrol at the Bill Healy College and complete their coursework on their own time. Courses are taken online at home in the comfort of one’s home, making them very convenient. Students also have access to travel training consultants seven days a week between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. every single day of the year.

Training at home online gives students complete and total control over their education. They can study when they want to and do not have to attend formal classes. Students work at their own pace, and finish assignments when they feel ready. All assessments are done at home as well taking some of the stress out of traditional test taking.

Why Choose Travel And Tourism Courses At The Bill Healy College

The reason people take courses in any industry is related to finding employment or a better job than one has currently. The Bill Healy Travel and Tourism College provides students with the training they need to find gainful employment in an exciting industry. The school has a 98 per cent job placement rate and has maintained that rate for over three decades. The college has developed relationships with a number of employers and its job placement service is available to offer assistance in finding employment.

Students who successfully complete training in the six separate courses will receive certification in each area. The certifications are recognised by the travel and tourism industry. Enrolling in courses is easy. Students must read and accept the college’s terms and conditions of enrolment and arrange for payment. To learn more, visit tourismcollege.com.au and fill out an online enquiry or send an email to ross@tourismcollege.com.au. Interested students can also call 1300 27 66 40. Start your career in the fast-paced travel industry today.

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