Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long have you been training?


We have been delivering tourism courses since 1978. We offer one of Australia's longest running and most successful travel & tourism courses.


Q. Are you recognised in the travel & tourism industry?


Yes, our training is recognised and everything we teach is beneficial if not mandatory for work in the travel and tourism industry.


Q. Can you guarantee everyone a job?


The honest answer is no (who can?). However we have helped over 2500 students gain employment in all areas of the travel & tourism industry since 1978 and we have retained the 98% employment for over 3 decades now.


Q. Do you have job placements assistance?


Yes, we do.


Q. What is your success rate with student employment after they finish the course?


We are currently sitting at 98% employment over 3 decades. Our students are highly sought after!


Q. What areas within the travel and tourism industry have past students gained employment?

  • Travel agencies,
  • International and domestic airports,
  • International and domestic airlines,
  • Tour operators,
  • Wholesalers,
  • Hotels,
  • International rail.


Q.How long does the course take?


It depends on how many hours you put in each week. The more hours, the sooner you finish. We believe you can complete the course within 4 – 7 months, however, we give you a year to complete the course.


Q. What certificates do I receive upon successful completion of the course? For additional information on the units you study, please refer to Subjects. You will receive 5 separate certificates as follows:


  1. Mundus Galileo Certificate (Airline Reservations System) - Issued by Mundus themselves!
    Mundus worldwide has developed a training system recognised by Travelport Galileo. We find this training system is suitable for newcomers to the Travel Industry as it is very computer friendly. A tremendous advantage to initial training using this system as it allows students to use a simulated "live" application and actually create passenger booking files, just as you would in the workplace. This Mundus Galileo Certificate is a travel industry certificate recognised by travel employers around the world.
  2. Galileo E-training Certificate (Airline Reservation, fares and ticketing) - issued by Travelport Galileo
    This is Galileo's own training programme. This certificate registers you with Galileo as a recognised operator of their system. Employers welcome this as it avoids additional registration and possible further training which is required for any employee who does not hold the official Travelport Galileo Certificate. This certificate is recognised by employers around the world
  3. Amadeus e-Learning Certificate - issued by Amadeus
    This is Amadeus's own e-learning training program.
  4. Travel Insurance Company Certificate. Issued by a Travel Insurance Company.
    This gives the registered holder the mandatory authority to sell and issue travel insurance when employed by a travel company.
  5. Travel & Tourism Certificate
    • Source and use information on the tourism and travel industry.
    • Access and interpret product information.
    • Provide advice on international destinations.
    • Provide advice on Australian destinations.
    • Sell tourism products and services.
    • Prepare quotations.
    • Book supplier services.
    • Process travel related documentation.
    • Use a computerised reservations or operations system.
    • Construct normal international airfares.
    • Construct promotional international airfares.
    • Provide services to customers.
    • Show social and cultural sensitivity.
    • Participate in safe work practices.
    • Conduct online transactions.
    • Process reservations.
    • Provide specialist advice on cruises.


Q. What do I need to get a job in the Travel Industry?


The subjects that we teach are what is needed to gain employment in the Travel Industry. This has been proven by us successfully training for over 3 decades and the sheer volume of our students who have obtained employment!


Q. Should I do a Diploma course?


No. We have been teaching since 1978 and know our students get the jobs because we give them the exact training and qualification required by the travel industry for newcomers.


Q. Why do an online /home study course?


There are many benefits from doing a training course online.

  • More one on one time with your trainer.
  • You are in control. Study when it suits you.
  • No need to travel to attend "classes".
  • Saving you time and money.
  • All assessments are conducted at home which is far less stressful than attending a designated location to "sit and exam".
  • No peer pressure to perform.
  • Train at your own pace and complete assignments when you feel you are ready.
  • No need to resign from your current employment, as you can work and study at the same time.
  • Have children? You can still care for them at home and study at the same time.
  • Going on holiday? Go for it! You can study while on holiday or come back and carry on.


Q. Is your course government funded?


We are a private college for which government funding does not apply. With our course, you do not have to go through the laborious process of applying for government funding.


Q. Do I need prior experience to do the course?


No, the course is aimed at people with no prior knowledge of the travel and tourism industry. We cover all the key areas you need to gain employment.


Q. What payment methods do you have?


You can either make your payment by Paypal, eWay or direct credit into our bank account.


Q. Can I contact you if I need help?


Yes, you can contact us by phone or email. We are available on the phone from 7am - 7pm (EDST), Monday - Friday and via email from 7am - 11pm (EST), seven days a week, including public holidays.


Q. What do I need to start the course?


A computer with internet connection running Windows XP, Vista,Windows 7, 8, Windows 10 or an Apple computer running Parallels , VMWare Fusion or VirtualBox and a Microsoft operating system listed above. You will also need a Word programme such as (Open Office or Libre Office etc).


Q. Do I need to pay any extra for books etc?


No, apart from the computing essentials above you only need pens, paper and calculator.


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