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Landing a job on a cruise ship: travel school in Perth gives expert advice

In the past, getting a job on a cruise ship was highly competitive and difficult to achieve. However, according to a travel school in Perth, their recent graduates are having increasing success in getting their dream cruise line jobs. How are they doing it? Well, for one, there are record numbers of cruise lines and cruise ships now, running year round, so there are more positions available. But graduates of the travel school in Perth are also showing high success by using the schools expert advice. Here are some of their top tips:




\tFind Your Niche. There are hundreds of different positions aboard the largest cruise ships. Think about what you are particularly good at and where your experience lies, then apply for specific positions on board, rather than to the company in general. If you just send in a general application, youll certainly become lost in the sea of other applicants.

\tStay on Dry Land. Many people just assume that cruise ship jobs mean that you must be on board. There are overlooking the fact that several positions within a cruise line involve staying on the ground and running various operations and sales departments. If you are prone to sea sickness

\tGo for Holiday or Seasonal Jobs. If you are having trouble securing a permanent position, try for a short-term holiday or seasonal job, like one that runs through the summer only. Once hired, prove to your superiors how excellent of a worker you are, and use them to make inquiries and connections to long-term positions.

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