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Tips on landing a tourism job start with a travel school in Brisbane!

For those of you who reside in or near Brisbane, Australia and are looking to get a position in the exciting world of tourism, here are some really important tips to follow. As with most jobs, acquiring education and/or training is the first step, so make sure to enrol in a travel school in Brisbane straight away. There are several schools that offer travel related degrees and certifications in Brisbane, so make sure you choose your travel school in Brisbane wisely.




After youve received some training and obtained certifications, start applying for tourism related jobs in your area. It is best to first ask your travel school in Brisbane for connections and leads, or utilise their job placement program, if they have one. If you find that you cant get a job through your school, or are having trouble landing a job at a travel agency, it may be best to start applying to hotels. Hotels often have various openings, including front desk, food service and barmen positions, and working your way up to higher positions in a hotel is a great way to start your tourism career. Also, working for an international hotel chain is especially desirable as oftentimes you can request international transfers as openings arise.

If you arent too keen on working in a hotel, another good choice for entry-level positions are positions at airlines and cruise ships. Again, they offer a variety of positions so you can find your niche within the organisation and work your way up to the top.

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