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The most reliable way to establish a career in the travel and tourism industry

In order to get started in a career in travel, you should seriously consider taking a professional degree. Bill Healy’s Travel College is an industry leader, offering numerous travel and tourism courses that are flexible enough to meet the needs of each and every student.



Travel and tourism is one of the most important job sectors today. It accounts for 9.2% of the world's GDP. This may increase once the recession ends. It is possible that by the year 2020, 10% of the world's employment will be in this sector, numbering 235 million employees. There is expected to be an annual growth of around 4%.

A career in travel and tourism offers unique opportunities. You can explore different parts of the world and meet people from other cultures; all in a day's work and often free of charge. Most people who start their career in travel and tourism never move to other industries because of the fun, exciting atmosphere.

The fact that your customers are looking forward to their vacation and will be in good holiday spirits will make work a pleasure. Even in peak season, when the pressure is at its greatest, you will love your job and the atmosphere at work.

Having a professional degree is the best way to get started with your new career. Bill Healy's Travel College offers courses tailor made to meet the needs of employers in the field. The college offers industry leading courses that are recognized and endorsed by employers all over Australia. If you want to get started in this exciting industry, contact Bill Healy's for more information soon.

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