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Work in the airline industry by taking a travel course online

For millions around the world and in Australia, there is a dream of working in the exciting and ever changing airline industry. By taking a travel course online, you will be setting yourself up for a variety of wonderful careers in the aviation business. By taking a travel course online, not only will you have the ease and convenience of online learning, but you will earn valuable certificates that you can use in your career in the airline industry.




One of the most sought after certificates in the airline industry is the Mundus Galileo Certificate. This is a certificate to show you are familiar with the most common airline reservation systems from around the world. Before earning this certificate you will learn and develop tourism knowledge, learn to receive and process reservations, operate computerised airline systems and conduct online transactions.

The Galileo E-Training Certificate is an example of another certificate that is highly sought after by employers. Before earning this one, you will need to show your proficiency with computerised airline reservation systems, both domestic and international airline reservations, use of business technology and work with special promotional airfares.

Other skills you will pick up when taking a travel course online is competency in sourcing Australian and international destinational information, how to sell tourism products, prepare quotations, process travel related documentation, communicate and work in a highly diverse situation.

If there is any interest at all in working in the airline industry, it is highly recommended that you find an online course that offers all of these certificates.

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