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The job opportunities after a travel course in Darwin

Before you sign up for a travel course in Darwin, you owe it to yourself to understand the job opportunities that are available to travel agents. Being a travel agent is about more than just arranging hotels and flights for travellers; you may arrange tours and cruises and other such trips for a wide range of individuals and groups, and may also find employment opportunities on cruise ships or with airlines.




One job that many enjoy after a good travel course in Darwin is working with a cruise ship or tour group, selling these types of trips to potential customers. You may be employed full-time by these companies, working with them to tweak the details of their cruises and tours and then also working with their marketing department or advertising agency to sell these to packages to customers. You may then answer customer calls about these packages and have the opportunity to book and arrange them.

This type of career is very rewarding because you're working with just one company and just one type of product, rather than trying to arrange tours and groups that may include many different hotel stops and different flight arrangements. You still have the reward of booking travel and working with customers, but also have some consistency in your everyday work.

There are many jobs opportunities available for those who complete a travel course in Darwin. In many cases, you can even become your own boss and start your own travel company with the training you receive.

Finding the perfect travel course in Darwin: questions to ask

You know that you want to work in the travel industry. You also know that you want to take a travel course in Darwin. What you dont know is what type of travel course in Darwin to take! When searching for the perfect travel course in Darwin it is essential that you know what you are looking for. Once you know what you are looking for, you will know what types of questions to ask potential travel schools or institutes. Below are a few examples of some questions you should be asking (along with the answers the schools should be giving!)

How long have you been in business? You want to hear that the school has been in business for a long time. The longer theyve been offering a travel course in Darwin, the more knowledge and connections theyll have.

What types of certifications do you offer? Know what type of certifications you are seeking (e.g., Galileo eLearning, Certificate III in Tourism, etc.) and find out if you can obtain those certificates while doing their travel course in Darwin.

Do you offer networking assistance or job placements? Again, the longer the school has been around, the more likely they are to have a good reputation and good networking connections. Regardless, it is best to find a travel course in Darwin that specifically aids its students in finding work during or after their course.

How long will the course take? A travel course in Darwin can take anywhere from a few months to a year. Be sure to ask how long the course is expected to run as well as how much time you are allotted to finish the course (in cases of self-paced courses). 

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