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The job of a travel consultant is one of the most sought after professions these days. It is not hard to figure out why. The job is exciting and fun, with the opportunity to meet new people on a daily basis. Also, it is lucrative, since many companies offer handsome bonuses for each booking. Fun and lucrative, who could ask for more?




If you are considering a career in the travel tourism industry, it is important that you have a professional degree. Previously, you only needed a high school diploma. Things are different now, though. Over 200 million people are working in the industry worldwide. There are over 400 types of jobs available in the sector. Given these stats, competition is high.

With the industry growing at such a fast pace, employers cant afford the gamble of hiring an inexperienced worker. Having a degree under your belt that shows your qualifications and relevant skills is a huge advantage in this competitive market.

Most companies cant afford to take the time or energy to train new employees, so if youve already got the necessary skills youll be at an advantage. Some of the duties you will perform as a consultant will be airline reservations, automatic fares and ticketing; car rental reservations, hotel and rental reservations and tour reservations. Even if the company you will work for uses custom software, you will need to do some of these tasks manually.

By enrolling in Bill Healys travel courses, you will gain the skills you need to be a successful consultant. These courses are even offered online, so you can study at your own convenience. We are Australias oldest travel college, offering programs since 1978. Our courses are recognized throughout all of Australia, and enrolling in a program will be the single best thing you can do in order to start yourself on the right path to success as a travel consultant.

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