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After Completing Travel and Tourism Courses in Melbourne or Sydney at Bill Healy Travel and Tourism College, There Are a Number of Career Options

The Bill Healy Travel and Tourism College offers travel and tourism courses for Melbourne and Sydney area residents looking for new and exciting careers. In fact, anyone in Australia can register and take travel courses at one of Australia’s oldest travel and tourism colleges. The school has been in operation since 1978 with graduating students who have gone on to work for some of the best-known companies in Australia and around the world. With certification from the college, you can take a number of different career paths.





Take Travel Courses in Sydney and Work for an Airline

Hundreds of thousands of people fly around the world every day. There are a number of jobs that graduates from Bill Healy Travel and Tourism College go on to hold after completion of their coursework. Flight attendants travel frequently both throughout Australia and worldwide making sure that passengers enjoy a safe and comfortable flight. Some graduates will work as airline representatives in an airport handling reservations and ticketing. As part of the coursework at our school, students train to receive certification in Galileo, a worldwide system that handles airline reservations. Many of our graduates have worked for airlines and eventually move into management positions.

Work as a Travel Agent

If you enjoy working with people and have some experience in customer service, you may choose to work as an independent travel agent. Our courses at Bill Healy Travel and Tourism College prepare you to work with airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, and much more. With your certification from our school, you will be ready to work for a travel agency or to go out and start your own.

Work for a Hotel

When people travel, they are always looking for great places to stay. After completion of travel courses in Melbourne, many of our graduates go on to work exciting and prestigious jobs in the hospitality industry and work for hotels. From customer service representatives to hotel management, Bill Healy Travel and Tourism graduates can easily enter the fast-paced and exciting world of hotels upon completion of their travel and tourism courses.

Tour Companies Need Quality Employees

A number of our graduates will go on to work with tourism companies. These companies may handle specialised tours of Sydney or Melbourne, for example. Their work may entail booking airline reservations, hotel reservations, coordinating travel, and providing guided tours. Taking courses at Bill Healy Travel and Tourism College gives you the knowledge and qualifications to work for tour companies all over Australia.

The Bottom Line

When you enrol in and complete travel and tourism courses in Sydney at Bill Healy Travel and Tourism College, you have plenty of career options. With the help of our job placement service, we can help you secure employment in the fun and exciting world of travel. We have been able to place 98 percent of our graduates into positions within the industry.

If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career, consider starting today by enrolling in the Bill Healy Travel and Tourism College. Fill out our online enquiry form on our website or call us directly on 1300 27 66 40.

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