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If youre looking for a career that is both exciting and lucrative, consider becoming a travel agent consultant. Bill Healy has offered degrees in travel and tourism for over 30 years, and has observed the growing demand for travel agent consultants. The courses offered by Bill Healys travel college are designed to give you the start you need in this exciting career.




The job of a travel agent consultant is, essentially, to sell holiday and travel packages to customers. Travel agent consultants have to take on many roles to do their jobs successfully. They must be customer service representatives, and deal with the individual needs of each customer. They must manage the money and take payment from the customers. They must also set up business relationships with airlines, hotels, cruises and fleet operators. If the consultant is working with an agency, she must work with the manager to ensure that monthly sales goals are met.

A corporate travel agent consultant may be responsible for the travel of a whole team. The consultant must work with management to define travel policies for the team. Also, the consultant is responsible for making reservations for senior executives and other business travellers and must take responsibility for their lodging and transportation. Finally, a consultant needs to keep other employees updated on things such as visa and passport regulations.

There is a lot to learn if you are considering a career as a travel agent consultant. Perhaps the best way to learn it is by taking a professional degree from a reputable, trusted college. Bill Healys Travel College has been offering degrees in this field for over 30 years and is an industry leader. A Bill Healy program will teach you the fundamentals you need to get started with this demanding but exciting career.\tOur programs are specifically designed for the industry. They are kept up to date to ensure that your skills will be marketable upon graduation. Taking a course through Bill Healy Travel College is the perfect way to get started in your new career as a travel agent consultant. Contact us for more information soon.

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