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The day is long - dull hours punctuated by equally laborious work. Your career no longer offers a challenge. It instead delivers only frustration, with each task met with a sigh. There’s no satisfaction; there’s no excitement. Monotony reigns and too often do your thoughts wander, trying to find new paths to explore.

The Bill Healy Travel and Tourism College embraces that exploration - offering individuals travel consultant courses in WA. Since 1978, we’ve served as the premier provider of industry certifications, enabling people to transform their careers and gain invaluable skills. We believe that the tourism market promises engaging opportunities, and we strive to create those opportunities for our students. Let us do the same for you. To learn more contact us today.

Choosing Travel Agent Courses: Our Curriculum

Adventure awaits, with intrepid travellers seeking out locations both near and far. By completing a travel agent course in WA, you can ensure these places are unforgettable - guiding your clients through every experience and connecting them to new cultures.

Discover our selection of travel agent consultant courses in WA. Each unique programme provides you with the skills you need to establish a dynamic career in tourism. They include:

Mundu Galileo Module and Amadeus Module - serving as in-depth introductions to the leading Global Distribution Systems (GDS), these modules allow students to gain familiarly with computerised airline reservation operations. They showcase both airfare constructions and documentation processing, and they offer insights into international travel.

  • Geography Studies Module - this is an exclusive Bill Healy travel agent course in WA, with the curriculum emphasising the value of tourism (utilising major attractions to create exciting itineraries). It highlights both national and international booking processes.
  • Cruise Module - our travel agent courses in WA often change to accommodate industry trend. With the introduction of the Cruise Module, we seek to provide students with insights into an expanding market, enabling them to offer specialist advice and increase berth bookings.
  • Travel Insurance Module - a cornerstone of tourism is safety, with passengers wishing to protect themselves and their belongings. This travel agent course in WA provides ways to accomplish this goal, detailing how to offer, and issue, insurance policies.
  • Tourism Office Procedure Module - as one of our most adaptable travel agent courses in WA, this module enables students to work within a wide range of tourism-related vocations. It delivers crucial skill-sets, including customer service, safe work environments, and supplier interactions.

Through these modules, we allow our students to discover new career options. We also enable them to embrace flexibility - with our curriculum hosted entirely online. Online courses provide quick access to information, sparing individuals the need for tedious campus visits and rigid scheduling. Convenience and education finally combine.

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Revitalise your career with travel consultant courses in WA. Contact our instructors today via our online form to begin the enrolment process or request further information about our courses. We’ll promptly respond to all enquiries.

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