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Unfortunately no training course can guarantee you a job once the course has been completed. However you shouldnt despair, because when training for a job in the travel and tourism industry there are many tourism schools online that offer a job placement program. These are schemes set up in the travel industry that allow recognised tourism schools online to fast-track their graduates towards vacant and newly-created jobs. Some even manage an extremely high training to employment conversion rate of up to 98%.




Within the travel and tourism industry, qualified travel agents are highly sought after. Tourism after all is a big part of the Australian economy. Whether youre an Australian looking for advice for when going abroad, or a foreigner who is looking to take a vacation in Australia, youre always going to need a travel agent to guide you.

Most travel and tourism schools online will have an arrangement with employers in the industry and will be given a list of vacancies on a regular basis, maybe as many as one or two per week. Its always worth checking to see what vacancies are coming up as you complete your training course, because more often than not, there could be an opportunity waiting for you in your area. Armed with your newly obtained certificate that proves youve taken a recognised course in travel and tourism, you could quite easily land on your feet with a job in travel and tourism straight away.

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