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Tips on choosing a good tourism school

The travel and tourism industry is growing at a remarkable rate. Already, there are over 400 career options in this field. If you are looking to enter the industry, you may find the barrier to entry is daunting. Having a degree from a reputable, trusted college can be what you need to get in the door, especially if that college specializes in travel and tourism education. Finding the right college for you is an important first step.




Bill Healys Travel College was founded in 1978. We are the oldest and most successful travel and Tourism College in Australia. Over the years, we have observed several colleges who have poor credentials, and whose students finish the course and are not satisfied with their results. We have put together a few tips that will help you choose the right college for you:

Recognition: its very important that the degree offered by your college is recognized and accredited by both the hospitality industry and by government bodies.

Choice: Choose a college that offers you choice. Finding a school that offers a certificate, a diploma and a degree program as well as variety in course offerings will ensure that you get the education that meets your individual needs.

Market Recognition: It is important that your course meets industry requirements and is recognized by employers. Bill Healys achieved its 98% placement rating by ensuring that its curriculum meets industry standards and teaches the skills that employers are looking for. Due to this, students finishing the course have no problem getting placed both in Australia and worldwide.

Staff: Find out about the staff. This is not something you can do from a website or brochure. Speak to alumni of the courses you are considering to find out about the staff and faculty.

These tips will help you find the college that suits you best. Getting a professional degree from a good college is a great first step to reaching your goal of a successful career in travel or tourism.

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