Tourism School Darwin

What comes after a tourism school in Darwin?

Going through a tourism school in Darwin can mean some great opportunities for you once you finish the school. If you're not sure of what travel agents do today or how you apply what you've learned in the school, consider the following.

Organising tours is a lot more interesting and challenging than some imagine. As a tour organiser or travel agent, you need to choose some favourite travel destinations and then put together every leg of the trip. This may include airfare, hotel accommodations, meals, transportation, tours of attractions, and so on. When you create these tours they are then sold to tour groups and individuals for a profit.




In some cases you may also work that sales aspect of creating tours. You may have contacts in different tour groups so that you connect with them and see if there is any interest in the tour, or you may work with an advertising agency to sell the tours to the general public. Typically this too is covered in your tourism school in Darwin so you know how to actually sell your tours to persons.

Putting together and selling tours is not just about making hotel and flight reservations. There is a lot of creativity involved in planning tours for individuals, and it can be a very rewarding career. No two days are alike, and no two tours are alike, so once you finish your tourism school in Darwin you may have the best career imaginable.

If you think that travel agents sit behind a desk and answer phones all day, making hotel and flight reservations, you may want to think again. After completing an online tourism school in Darwin, you may find yourself working any number of career options with unlimited potential for advancement.

One such position would be arranging actual tours for travel groups that they then sell to their members, or for which they try to recruit new members. This means you're involved in all aspects of planning that tour. When a travel group goes to Egypt or Israel or takes a cruise, these things don't happen by accident! Someone that has graduated from a tourism school in Darwin will research the best tourist sites that may interest travellers as well as the best times to go, will find the hotels that will give them needed discounts, and make all other arrangements for these groups.

After you finish your tourism school in Darwin you may also want to consider opening your own travel business. You may work from home, getting your own client and customers, or you may open an office in your area and might seek out corporate customers that use you to arrange all their travel. This will mean regular business and will mean being able to run your business as is best for you. There are any number of career paths open to you when you choose a tourism school in Darwin.

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