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As a fully qualified tourist representative working for a tour operator, youre probably flying all over the country, or maybe all over the world looking after the interests of your customers. Depending on the type of job you do in the tourism and travel industry, you could be working as a travel agent, as a tour operator, in the hotel business, working in an airport, or even as a travel insurance provider. Whatever your job you will probably have had to learn your trade by following a training course. You probably also had to gain certificates to prove you know the trade and industry youre working in.




One of the most common ways to gain the travel and tourism certificates needed to be licensed as a travel agent, is to follow one of the many tourism courses online. These courses are often easier to follow from home, and all you effectively need is a computer and maybe some workbooks to make notes. They are also much more relaxed than other types of course that try to cram everything into a few months. With tourism courses online you can learn in your own time, and only do what you feel is comfortable. After all, you may already be in a full time job and want to train for something better, so taking a crash course in a couple of months may not be a possibility. Tourism courses online will enable you to train and work at the same time, so you can live the life youve always dreamed about with a successful job in travel.

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