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Become a Travel Agent by Taking Tourism Courses Online from the Comforts of Your Brisbane, Melbourne, or Sydney Home

Are you stuck in a job that offers you little? Is it your first career move? Consider the exciting and adventurous life of a travel agent. Taking tourism courses online at Bill Healy Travel & Tourism College can help you fast track into one of the world's most exciting professions. Since the college started in 1978, we have assisted people looking for more rewarding careers, also helping 98 percent of our graduates find employment in the world of tourism and travel. Whether it is your first job or you are searching for a career change, we can help you lead the life of a successful travel agent.





Are You Service Oriented?

Do you enjoy helping people? If so, a career in travel and tourism may be for you. You will become a consultant advising people where to go, what sites to see, and much more. With your knowledge of airline scheduling and reservations, hotels, car rentals, and more, you will provide the kind of assistance that allows people to enjoy a nice relaxing holiday. As you have success, your business will grow and allow you to help thousands of travellers.

Become a Travel Agent Quickly

Unlike studying at a university, coursework at Bill Healy Travel and Tourism College can be completed based upon your schedule. All courses are completed online on your time. You can study at home or wherever you have an Internet connection. Our school has students taking tourism courses in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and elsewhere in the country. While studying engineering or business can take several years, you could finish your coursework in as little as a few months if you so desired. With your certification complete, you could be a full-time travel agent within a year.

Enjoy Being Able to Set Your Own Hours

Once you complete tourism courses in Sydney at Bill Healy Travel and Tourism College, you will be prepared to work for an existing travel agency, or you could become an independent agent. As an independent travel agent, you are your own boss. You can work as much or as little as you choose. Once you have developed a reputation and built a decent business, you can use your knowledge of the industry to enjoy some travel of your own.

Taking Tourism Courses in Your Melbourne Home Will Set You Up for Success in a Growing Industry

The travel and tourism industry is one of the world’s fastest growing in the 21st century. Industry growth means more jobs and opportunities for people like you. The ability to take travel and tourism courses at your own pace at Bill Healy Travel and Tourism College and enter the profession quickly is a huge advantage in an industry that needs quality workers. Our school has a wonderful reputation among airlines, hotels, tour companies, and more and is available to help you gain employment once you finish your coursework.

If you want more information on how to enter the world of travel and tourism, contact us at Bill Healy Travel and Tourism College. Call us on 1300 27 66 40 or email us at ross@tourismcollege.com.au.

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