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What can you do after taking an online tourism course?

So you have finished taking an online tourism course and now you are wondering what to do with it? There are many jobs in the travel and tourism career field from working at an airline to being a travel agent. Here is an overview of a few careers in the travel field you can get by taking an online tourism course.




As a Tourism Information Centre Manager, you will be working at local sites that cater to tourists. These can be historical sites, sites of amusement or interesting places where tourists flock to. You will be working closely with people from all over the world and be sharing information about the location you work with a multitude of holidaymakers.

Working as a Travel Agent is a career that many love and enjoy. You will be doing everything from basic office and clerical work in this profession to finances, sales and marketing. There is truly something for everyone in this occupation. You can be hired by large, well known travel firms and chains, or open your own office where you are the boss. You should have excellent communication skills and remember that this career can be stressful at times since you will be juggling the travel needs of several clients at once.

As a Holiday Representative you will look after travellers at resorts. You will generally act as a liaison between the resort and the person who is on holiday. Many times you can live right on site in exotic locales for the holiday season. What could be better?

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