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Tourism Is a Big Part of the Australian Economy – Earn Your Certificate III in Travel Online and Work in the Industry

The tourism industry contributed $35 billion to the Australian economy in 2015. With over seven million visitors to the country last year, travel to Australia continues to grow. Domestic tourism represents almost three-quarters of the entire industry. Australians simply love to travel. With the amount of opportunity available in the industry, it would make sense for anyone looking for a rewarding career to consider earning their Certificate III in Travel online at the Bill Healy Travel and Tourism College.




More than two million people visit the Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest, each year. It is one of the main attractions that draws visitors to Australia. Other popular destinations include coastal cities Melbourne and Sydney. The Australian outback is also popular among those seeking a unique getaway. The country has much to offer and plenty to see, so much so that the travel and tourism industry contributes almost $100 million a day to the Australian economy.

Because the industry is so important, there is always a need for quality, well-trained employees. There are opportunities available working in the airline industry, working for hotels, tour companies, and more. Earning a Certificate III in Travel online at Bill Healy Travel and Tourism College is the easiest way to take advantage of an opportunity in the industry. Our school will prepare you to handle airline reservations, car rentals, hotel reservations, and more. Enrolment is easy, and you can complete your coursework at your own pace.

To get started in one of Australia's important industries, contact us at Bill Healy Travel and Tourism College on 1300 27 66 40. You can also fill out our online enquiry form or email us directly at ross@tourismcollege.com.au.

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